How to Create and Perform a Unique and Memorable Wedding Speech

75% of people fear speaking in public so when you are required to give a speech at a wedding, it can strike fear into the many!

Many people spend their lives and careers carefully avoiding public speaking altogether. However, when someone close to you asks you to be part of their special day, you suddenly find that everyone is expecting you to give a speech.    

I have worked with fathers who are scared they will cry in front of the wedding party, grooms who feel too nervous and best men who seems preoccupied with the idea that they have to be produce a hilarious speech and appear confident.

So what’s the answer?

Work with us! Our wedding speech course will ensure you understand why you feel the nerves and how to overcome them but we will also help you to write the speech you want to deliver, whether funny or heartfelt, and will give you support and feedback too! The course will help you to overcome emotion and express your feelings and emotions without reaching for the tissues. It’s so easy…. Book NOW

But why do wedding speech nerves exist?

When you think about it, giving a wedding speech really shouldn’t be all that stressful.  It’s a happy occasion full of family and friends, you’ve got the audience’s undivided attention and everyone wants you to do well.

So why is it so scary?

This first cause of anxiety is really just a fear of the unknown. If you have never given a wedding speech you may wonder what is required from you. Should you be speaking about something or someone in particular, and for how long, is their etiquette/rules…. The questions are endless.

The course will teach you the traditional rules and help you to research what is expected of you. You will learn the running order, topic you are expected to cover and usual time frame. We will support you to do the research you next to understand expectations from the happy couple.This will all help you to feel the day is more manageable and this will impact on your stress levels. We will provide speech templates and options so that you can begin to formulate your speech.

For some strange reason, when faced with the prospect of giving a speech, many wedding speakers seem to think they need to transform themselves into someone completely different. The father of the bride can try to become a professional speaker, the groom an actor and the best man seems to want to become a comedian.

The course will help you to overcome the pressure to perform like a professional – many of the people we work with come to us after watching some amazingly funny speeches delivered on YouTube and become terrified that they have to ‘own the stage’ and have the audience rolling around with laughter.  I’m not saying we will train you to be a stand up comedian, but our course will help you to deliver a meaningful and touching speech or the funnier version you would prefer.  

Trying to be someone you are not, and placing this pressure on yourself will inhibit your ability to speak and will interfere with an otherwise fantastic offering.  We help you to eradicate the nerves and be your own best version of yourself. After all, that is why you were chosen in the first place, because you are YOU!” We will help you to stop trying to be someone else and perform a relaxed and enjoyable speech.

One cause of speech disappointment is lack of preparation. For those nervous about the big day, the temptation to leave composing and rehearsing the speech can be common. Our course will help you to compose something that reflects YOUR personality and compose something you are proud of. We will help you to compose yourself and provide ‘light and shade’ in your voice tone and expression. You will get opportunities to present your speech to our tutors and get valuable guidance and feedback…you cannot lose!

Hopefully you’re feeling a little less anxious about your wedding speech now that you know help is at hand….Investing in our course will help you to really enjoy your role on the big day but better still, will give you some valuable skills for the future that will help you to speak confidently!!

BOOK NOW, take control, and lets create a speech you can be proud of!

4 week course with training in technique, speech writing, 2 coaching sessions and valuable feedback all for just £149!!

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