10 Techniques to use when you feel like giving up

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2020

10 Techniques to use when you feel like giving up

 “Survival can be summed up in three words―never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying.” ―Bear Grylls


You are having one of them days.

Its not a day when everything goes well. It’s a day when everything is going wrong.

The diet is not working, you have not made any sales, your relationships are a struggle, and the world seems to be ‘upside down’.

Time to give up?

No, because it’s what you do today that will help direct the way your life will go in the future.

Here are my 10 things I recommend you try so that you can make that change in direction or help you hold to on to what you already have when the world around you is telling you to give up.

Give yourself a reminder.

Have you forgotten why you do what you do?

I am sure that in your mind you will have a reason why you do what you do. Why you work those extra hours, eat less chocolate, save every penny you can, say “No” when your heart says “Yes”.

Write down all of the good reasons why you do things, then on your bad days, look at the list and remind yourself why it is so important that this is what you do.

Get back to basics

Think about what you have done well in the past. What skills did you use then that you  are not using now ?

Which way are you going?

If getting back to basics does not get things back on track, then how about a slight change in direction, a detour. As long as you get to your intended destination, it doesn`t matter if you take a slightly different route.

Don't bottle it up

When you are lost in the forest but cannot see the wood for the trees, shout for help!! Talk to someone, let it out. If they are level headed and care about you, let them support you. Talking to them will help you clarify your thoughts in your own mind and you never know, they could have the answer you have been looking for.

Be realistic

Don't let yourself be influenced by images of successful people looking young, slim and attractive, working a handful of hours each week for mega-money and spending most of their lives sat on a beach.

Listen to those who have been on the same journey  as you are on now. Learn from their mistakes, walk in their shoes and work as hard as they did to achieve their success.

Just one more day

Whatever it is that's not working well right now, tell yourself you are going to give it `one more day ' then if you commit to giving it all you can for that day you are keeping momentum.

So, if you have been on a restrictive diet and have lost 2 kilos but have 3 more kilos to go and you are feeling really low, tell yourself you will do the diet for `one more day' not the next 3 months. This will take away the mental burden you carry of being on the diet for weeks to come and tomorrow when you feel better about life you could face being on the diet with less reluctance.

You are amazing

When you have hit a brick wall and cannot go on, there is no better time to remind yourself of your accomplishments in the past. Remember what you learned on the way to your past success and apply that to today. This can realign your perspective on your problem and motivate you to finding a solution.


Sometimes it may be necessary to change how you do something but hold on to why you do it. So, if you have set yourself a goal and still want to achieve that goal but have lost all motivation to continue with the route you are taking, then switch. If you cannot relax by watching television anymore, read a book, if you cannot face another run to keep fit, ride a bike instead.

As long as your goal remains the same and is attainable, how you get there is not important.

Stop giving yourself a hard time

If things are not going well. then rather than just give up, give yourself a break. If you can, walk away from the problem, put it out of your mind, relax and let yourself rebuild and recharge before facing the problem again.

Finally, Tomorrow will better day

Adopt a mindset that recognises there is a problem, that the choices are give or up find a solution and that by choosing to find a solution, tomorrow will be a better day.

This is so important for your self-development. By taking positive action, instead of giving up, you learn, you grow, you succeed.

When life looks at its bleakest, by taking action and keeping going, you give yourself one positive focus and keep yourself achieving while others falter. Giving yourself that focus will allow you to do something productive and stop you from focussing on things you cannot change.

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