What is your USP ?

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

Identifying your USP


Every professional company should have one - and if you work for an employer you should also understand what your own personal USP unique selling proposition is too! It’s the ‘why’ behind why someone should hire you or give you their business.

If your role is to promote yourself or your business whether this is by direct selling or networking, establishing a USP is vital is you want to be remembered.  A USP is the aspect that differentiates you or your service/product from your competitors e.g Dyson Vacuum Cleaners USP is

'It’s invention that sets us apart. We solve the problems others seem to ignore.'

But coming up with your own USP might not seem as easy to identify at first consideration but let’s break it down…

Here’s a simple example of a product USP.

M & M’s – 'Melt in your mouth and not in your hand!'

This statement implies that the thing that is wrong with other chocolate products is how messy they can be.  Now you might not think this is a big issue, and it may not have entered your mind to buy less messy chocolate before,  yet it has undoubtedly set them apart form other products and they may well be chosen simply for these properties. The USP demonstrates the uniqueness of the product and who wants messy hands, right?

So let’s begin to identify your USP.  We have included some examples from The Self Development Hub USP building process:

  1. List all the benefits and features of what you offer, is it years of experience, great delivery times, reliability… Compare these to the websites of your competitors.  What are you (or could you be) doing better or differently?  e.g. The Self Development Hub offers rapid results training that helps you to develop your skills in public speaking and other areas of self-development but our focus is on providing quality courses which can be done flexibly alongside busy lives or careers.
  2. Decide what specific needs are being met by your product or service. e.g. Our clients can fast track their learning so they can fit it in around their lives/careers.
  3. Identify what you do (or could do) that your competitors don’t offer. This could be better delivery options, money-back guarantees or air miles. e.g. The Self Development Hub specifically design ‘to the point’ accessible courses that can be completed flexibility for busy people.
  4. Think about how you could create a phrase that would encapsulate your USP clearly and concisely. You must ask yourself if this statement would solve your customers main ‘head-ache’ in business. e.g. Growing your skills and confidence - getting you to the next level FAST.

A good USP needs to be assertive but easy to back up and defend if challenged.  It must focus on your customers values – what is important to them.  And finally, a USP is not just a gimmicky statement, it is embodied in and forms the ethos of your company and provides a reputation for what you can do that others can’t/won’t do.



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