Create a Game-Changing Elevator Pitch and Make Networking Work for You

Do you struggle to present your company, service or your own ideas when networking?  This amazing value online course will show you how to create, develop and deliver a unique elevator pitch which will attract and interest your listeners. Preparing a winning pitch will help you to enjoy communicating and help you to effectively deliver your message confidently.  You will learn how to craft and include the important components of an elevator pitch, how to manage any speaking anxiety and how to improve your delivery. The Rapid Results course includes full tuition and bonus downloads: Pitch template and Feedback checklist.

Module One

What is an Elevator Pitch? (Video lesson)

What is the Purpose of an Elevator Pitch?

When would you use your Pitch?

Identifying your Key Message.

Module Two

The Steps to Creating a Winning Pitch.

Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Errors and Pitfalls

Amazing Elevator Pitch examples.


Module Three

Managing anxiety

Building and Delivering your pitch.

Elevator Pitch Templates.

Successful Elevator Pitch Test.

“I found the course really easy to use and I liked that I could go at my own pace. It really gave me food for thought which was what I needed. I will certainly recommend it to anyone struggling with their elevator pitch” Julie C.

“Networking has always been scary for me.  Having the guidance to know how to prepare well and have something interesting to say has transformed how I feel about networking…I love it!” Susie J.

“In just one week I have learnt how to overcome networking nerves and am really happy with the ‘Elevator Pitch’ I created.  And with the tutor’s introductions to friendly networking groups, I can’t wait to put this into practise”. Mia P.

This course gives you all you need to write and present a great Elevator Pitch 

All of this for the amazing price of only £29.99

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