Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Appreciate Your Worth.  


Imposter Syndrome is not a psychological condition but the term refers to a range of persistent negative beliefs about oneself and ones abilities that exist despite evidence to the contrary.  This often overwhelming mind state presents itself in the following ways:

You believe that you have fooled others into believing you have capabilities that you don’t really possess.

You fear you will be found out, exposed as a fraud and judged by your management or peers.

You are unable to attribute your achievements to your own abilities and tend to attribute them to luck.

You compare yourself unfavourably to others.

You might experience these feelings in a work or social setting. Imposter Syndrome is surprisingly common and unfortunately it always presents itself alongside the need to conceal one’s deep fears and feelings about oneself.  This compounds the pressure on you and you fear the risk of losing your social network or career. Being unable to share your fears openly results in never becoming aware that others around you experience the same feelings sometimes! Imposter Syndrome can have an immensely negative impact on our mental health as you try to get through each day carrying this burden. It can prevent you from succeeding in many areas of your life and if you experience this inhibiting cycle, it is time to change!

You are in good company - there are some very famous imposters, household names that you know to be high achievers and successful people yet they have felt the way you do.  This course will help you to understand why you experience Imposter Syndrome and give you the tools to remove the mask and overcome this crippling mind state.

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Do you doubt your abilities, achievements or ideas? Do you experience low self-confidence, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy? Do you dwell on past mistakes or feel you are not ‘good enough’? These are the tell tale signs of Imposter Syndrome. This brand new course will enable you to:

  • Learn how to separate your negative emotions from the facts.
  • Learn to capitalise on your strengths and accept your weaknesses.
  • Begin to understand and appreciate the value of failure.
  • Develop positive self-talk that promotes and builds your self-confidence.
  • Explore your personal experience of imposter syndrome with others and understand the root causes gaining better perspectives.
  • Celebrate your abilities and begin to enjoy and benefit from self-development.

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Combat Imposter Syndrome and Capitalise on your Strengths Modules:

Module 1: What is Imposter Syndrome and why do I feel this way?

Module 2: The impact of Imposter Syndrome on your Confidence and Career

Module 3: How to combat Imposter Syndrome and celebrate your strengths and abilities.

Each module comprises: a Video Lesson, Exercises to develop your skills, Assessments to amplify and record your progress.  

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