Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Empower Yourself


As human beings we think (sometimes too much). When we are feeling positive we can often appreciate our own strengths and qualities. However, if we are feeling low, we will always think negatively. We ponder on all the things we cannot achieve. We find reasons why we cannot achieve what we want to, they are something we can blame for the way we are feeling.

I’m not good at writing

I’m too shy to socialise and make new friends

But these reasons for our low self-confidence are not real reasons, in fact we have allowed them to become barriers or as they are commonly known – Limiting Beliefs.  Limiting beliefs arise due to challenging events in our lives when we have been disappointed by our performance in some way or in the behaviour of others. This event may has happened many years before when we were children.This could be as simple as coming last in the ‘egg and spoon race’ at primary school! Instead of understanding that the negative experience might just have been an isolated incident, we tend to generalise that we are simply no good at some things.This may have been true at some point in the past,  but it does not mean it always has to be true. When we have negative limiting beliefs about ourselves or our abilities, we often turn them into self-fulfilling prophecies.We look for evidence that what we believe is still true and tend to ignore evidence to the contrary. However, if we begin to challenge whether these beliefs still apply and look for evidence that they may now be outdated, we begin to open up possibilities for ourselves. Limiting beliefs can prevent you from applying for that promotion, asking that person on a date, taking that holiday or asking for a wage rise.  How much has your Limiting Beliefs cost you so far in your life?

This transformational course will teach you how to identify your limiting beliefs and develop the techniques and strategies you need to remove them. Without these limiting beliefs impacting on your self-confidence and self-belief, who knows what you might achieve!!

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