Mastering Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being `in the moment' and all the benefits this can bring. When we feel stressed and anxious, we tend to focus on things that have happened in the past or indeed, things that could happen in the future. However, when we are `Mindful' we are able to focus on `the here and now'. This might mean listeneing to the sound of people chatting on the railway platform, the sight of trees swaying in the breeze or the feeling of warmth from a real fire.

A mindful activity allows us to disconnect from those thoughts that distress us and when practised regularly enable us to manage stress more effectively. This then allows us to sleep more restfully and cope much better with the days challenges. Mindfulness is also useful in removing `head clutter' and clearing the mind to focus on one activity.

This FREE mini course gives you all you need to experience a month of mindfulness and reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. As well as the 28 daily activities the course includes an introductory video that explains the effects of Mindfulness and two audios that can be played to assist you in your relaxation.

Click on the button melow to sign up for this FREE course and take some time out to allow yourself to focus without interruption and give yourself the opportunity to discionnect from lifes worries.


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