Speaking with  Confidence        Rapid Results    Programme

A feeling of stress, overpowering anxiety, sleeplessness….all because you have to speak in a meeting, conference or event. Does this sound familiar?

The Speaking with Confidence Programme

It’s a formula, pure and simple, you will never need to fear speaking in public again! Anne Millne-Riley, The Self Development Hub.

75% of people admit that they fear speaking in public – this might mean networking, presenting, wedding speeches, socialising, meetings etc. as well as traditional public speaking. I work with otherwise talented and intelligent people who struggle with anxiety and self-doubt when they are called to speak in groups or to an audience. They experience stress, anxiety and sleeplessness beforehand and worry they will freeze or shake when the time comes. They worry what their clients or bosses will think of them and particularly worry about being judged by their peers.



I work with talented people who are frustrated by the stress of public speaking or networking and show them how to become fearless presenters. Many of my students are frustrated because they know they are confident people. They might manage large teams or huge budgets, own amazingly successful businesses and be experts in their field, yet stumble when it comes to this one task.

If this sounds familiar, I understand your concerns! I too have experienced these anxieties. I remember those nights leading up to the day when I might have to speak to a large group or present my ideas in a meeting. My internal critic telling me my self-doubt would show through, I would forget important points or that my nervousness would be evident and my audience would judge me. At the same time I could see others around me with less to offer but more to say, enjoying more success in their work and businesses, getting greater rewards. I knew I was good at what I did but was frustrated by this barrier to my success. I began to recognise the huge cost of my fear of speaking – I’d missed out on promotion, lucrative deals, and social opportunities all my life. I simply couldn’t let this one thing prevent me from having the life I wanted anymore. I became determined to invest in my self-development and leave those old anxieties behind.

I have been developing a Rapid Results programme that does just this, and will eradicate your glossophobia in just 6 weeks because as successful and driven business people, I know you do not want to hang around!  I understand that you need to keep moving, progressing and developing at pace. This programme gets to the core of the problem FAST and helps you to understand why you struggle at times. It will give you the necessary skills in presenting your ideas confidently in any situation. You will receive a one to one coaching session, online tuition, valuable feedback and peer support enabling you to practice becoming a confident public speaker in a confidential and supportive environment with others who feel just like you!

I am so passionate about the simplicity of leaving speaking fear behind, that I have begun to focus much of my work around this one issue. I created a programme that I know will help you to become a fearless, entertaining and powerful speaker. I know it will work for you, because these techniques worked for me!  

I have never got tired of the thrill of hearing a student recount their successes to me…. Seriously, I never get bored of hearing it! These people are always elated, and somehow ‘liberated’ and the change it makes to their lives and their businesses is incredibly positive and swift. 

But why do we need to develop this skill? 

I have met lots of business owners who have managed to ‘get by’ avoiding speaking in the board room – yes even Managers!! They create elaborate excuses for why they cannot present to a group or chair a meeting but it always leaves them feeling inadequate. Being avoidant in things very often leads to inertia and compromised self-confidence. Learning to leave the fear behind and develop the skills to communicate well is HUGE, EMPOWERING, it impacts on your career and business and always on your self-confidence. But here is the main reason why it is worth investing in eradicating this fear: No-one can sell your ideas, business or yourself as well as YOU can Being able to demonstrate your drive and passion is powerful and it’s worth remembering that people often buy YOU rather than your product or organisation.

I have worked with so many people over the years who struggle with this one task to help them to manage their anxieties and be able to share their message or story.  And here is the biggest secret…..the answer to losing speaking fear is beautifully simple.  It can be overcome and eradicated very quickly and I can show you how!

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About your Trainer

My name is Anne Millne-Riley.  I am an author, motivational speaker and broadcaster and having previously created a career in the fields of Psychotherapy and Coaching, began to feel drawn to talented clients who expressed a need to self-develop. This had led to my founding The Self Development Hub and I now spend my time working with business professionals to develop their professional voice. Having a sound background in psychology AND business has enabled me to understand and eradicate the genuine fear my students feel about speaking and help them to master this.


No more excuses – It’s time to leave speaking fears behind

Join the programme and make speaking in public one of your accomplishments


This Comprehensive Course includes:

6 week technique development programme – Learn the skills of networking and contributing your ideas in meetings. learn self-mastery, how to eradicate anxiety and begin to enjoy sharing your ideas with others.  Learn how to engage your audience, make your presentation interesting and memorable and avoid ‘Death by Power-point’. Learn how to tackle disruptive and difficult people, enjoy answering difficult questions and allow your personality to win the day.

6 Module course covering a number of speaking challenges. (view the syllabus and course requirements HERE

6 Video lessons with course notes and work books included

1 coaching session with your course tutor, Anne Millne-Riley who will help you to understand and combat speaking fear.

2 feedback sessions where you get your tutors feedback and improvement plans on your own presentations or talks.

Opportunities to present or speak with other course students for further feedback and support.

Resources: Speech writing guide and template

                     Storytelling ‘How to Guide’.

                     Mindfulness tracks to help with self-mastery.

Also gain membership of the ‘The Self Development Hub‘ community.  Ask questions, share techniques and successes with other self-developers.

Flexible online course which will enable you to engage with others and work collaboratively on your skills.

You get all this for an amazing £320.00 – It’s definitely the best investment you could make to further your career or personal development!!

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